Single measurement, Multiple Insights

Oxford HighQ’s Nano-α speeds up development of therapeutic nanoparticles and provides more information with less work. Our Nano-α platform measures particle size and drug-load in one step and with perfect 1:1 particle correlation – multiparameter analysis in a single, direct and non-destructive measurement.

Whether you are working with liposomes, viral vectors or LNPs, the Nano-α can speed up workflows in formulation development, process and scale-up development and manufacturing or QC.

(Dilute*). Inject. Measure.

Simply inject your particles in solution and walk away. The results are generated automatically, simplifying your nanoparticle analysis and providing enhanced insights.

Our optical analysis technique is the only one that can measure all of the following using a single device:

  • Drug mass per particle as a function of size
  • Particle size and size distribution profile (not just a polydispersity index)
  • Drug release profile and particle size changes
  • Shell thickness/density of core-shell nanoparticles
  • Refractive index of nanoparticles

*Many nanoparticles are made at the ideal concentration – dilution not always necessary.

Nano Alpha - Multiparameter nanoparticle analysis made easy

Latest news

Oxford HighQ is excited to announce the launch of its Nano-α development programme. We are inviting world-leading experts in academia and industry to learn for themselves how the Nano-α can simplify and streamline their formulation development. The programme will enable researchers to develop analytical capabilities using their own nanoparticles in their own laboratories with full support from the Oxford HighQ team.

To find out more and to discover whether this programme is right for you, please get in touch.

Nano Alpha in use