Nanoparticle Size Distribution

Oxford HighQ has successfully demonstrated measurement of single nanoparticle sizing data similar to that obtained with SEM, but much faster and within native solutions, at a fraction of the SEM cost or complexity and with far less user training requirement

The measurement of nanoparticle diameter provided by our technology approaches the precision of the size distribution of commercially available reference materials and accurately reports nanoparticle diameter and refractive index on a particle-by-particle basis.  

Figure 1 shows diameter data for 140nm and 175nm reference nanoparticles, exhibiting remarkably low standard deviations, similar to those from the nanoparticle supplier for both of the peaks.

If you would like to see the full results and experimental data, this is available in our application note.

Laboratory demonstration instruments are currently available to perform proof-of-capability measurements on customer samples and our first production version of the nanoparticle analyser for nanomedicine applications is entering its final development stage and will be shipping in 2021.

If you would like to receive updates including copies of our application and technical notes or are interested in having samples measured, please complete our contact request form.


Nanoparticle size distribution

Figure 1: number distribution of particle diameter (nm) for polystyrene reference particles of 175nm and 140nm from Microparticles GmbH.